My professional and private lives often come together driving my choices. Some fun facts below!

Based at the Politecnico di Milano, I investigate new ways of working and their impacts on people and the built environment.

My cross Atlantic experiences in the field of Workplace and Corporate Real Estate Management allow me to adopt novel approaches in seeking new strategies and innovative technologies to drive workers, organizations, and cities toward a more sustainable future.

As a digital focused and user-centered network enabler, I like to challenge the status quo and find opportunities  for a more equal society.


Workplace issues are those that inspired me to begin a research path and have never stopped intriguing me. I undertake both research and consultancy activities dealing with: performance monitoring and continuous improvement through key performance indicators for workplace design, management and use (see my PhD research); post-occupancy evaluations; utilization studies; corporate real estate management; workplace strategies; workplace management education (explore this MOOC – need to log in first); sustainable and healthy workplaces; collaborative practices; the geography of new working spaces; and more… look at my publications  and projects for more details.

Real Estate Innovation & PropTech

The potential of digital technologies in advancing real estate dynamics is great and offers an interesting angle to observe the evolution of the field. I am involved in a bunch of activities related to Property and Technology, including: the impact of PropTech on the traditional real estate market, products, processes, and services; the classification and categorization of PropTech businesses; the development of a smart professional tool to support property companies, occupier organizations and end-users in a more sustainable use of space (see the Joint Research Center PropTech); the organization of roundtables and public debates with the Italian PropTech Network; and so on… my publications and projects can tell you more.

Home Sweet Home

Politecnico di Milano is the institution that I have continued to choose as the elective place for my professional growth, since my bachelor studies in Architecture. It resonates with me for its international orientation, its tech-based approach to research, and its strong relation with the industry. It has always felt the right place to return to after my explorations abroad, first at the Technische Universitaet Wien (as an Erasmus student), then at Cornell University (as a visiting PhD student and early years researcher). I currently work at Politecnico as a fixed-term researcher in the Real Estate Center while I look forward to advancing my career further by combining a local and a global experiences.

How everything started

My passion for human-centered research originated right after my master’s graduation, while I was doing an internship at the Central Offices of Regione Lombardia. I spent 6 months working in a brand new building called “Palazzo Lombardia”, inaugurated in 2011, only few months before my arrival. It was designed by well-known architects and received awards for its high performance in terms of environmental sustainability and social regeneration. But unfortunately, despite the recognition, I had to observed that several aspects negatively impacted the life and work of its occupants. Here I started to realize that a building should not only be designed based on the requirements of its end-users, but also constantly re-aligned over time with user needs, preferences, values and objectives.